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This is the new iPhone 13 box, free of the plastic wrap

With the introduction of the new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, Apple further improved on its ultimate goal to go carbon neutral by 2030. You see, last year with the iPhone 12 series, we saw the omission of chargers and earphones from the box citing environmental reasons to reduce e-waste.

This year Apple has taken things up a notch as they are eliminating the plastic wrap that keeps the iPhone box safe, tamper-free, and secure during shipping. As per a tweet by DuanRui, the new seal for the iPhone 13 series is a simple tear-tab.

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iphone-13-box-plastic-wrap-free-seal-5430448-5850933 A new secure paper seal has to be torn off to open the box

Replacing the wrapper is a paper tab seal that you would have to tear off to open the iPhone box. We were a bit on the fence about the seal here but it seems like the paper tab is strongly glued to the lid of the box, preventing the contents from falling off, should the lid open. Also, the new seal serves as solid evidence with regards to the authenticity as to whether the box has been opened before or not.

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According to Apple, going plastic-wrap-free helps them rule out 600 metric tons of plastic and aim to go the plastic-free route on all of its sales packages by the year 2025.

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