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iPhone 13 Pro Max battery test reveals record-breaking results

As customary with every new iPhone generation, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini and the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max were put to a battery endurance test. And the test was conducted by none other than popular tech Youtuber and our most favorite Arun from Mrwhosetheboss. He pitted the latest iPhone 13 series against the iPhone models currently available from Apple i.e., iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and the 2020 iPhone SE (video below).

1. iPhone 13 series battery test video

Across the entire iPhone 13 lineup, there appears to be a tremendous improvement in battery life, especially with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The device beat the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra by an impressive 1 hour and 11 minutes for a record-breaking 9 hours and 52 minutes of endurance. Also impressive is how the iPhone 13 mini easily outshines the regular iPhone 12 here.

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Having said that, we applaud Apple for battery life improvements this year considering the Pro lineup features a 120Hz ProMotion display. To back it up, the display has a variable 10Hz-120Hz refresh rate depending on the user input to save the battery as much as possible.

Now for the bitter truth. It’s not all roses throughout the test though as the 2020 iPhone SE performed the worst with just 3 hours and 38 minutes of life. And yes, we can confirm the unfortunate plight of the SE as it is our daily driver and are more than disappointed with such a mediocre battery performance.

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Watch the video below to learn everything in absolute detail.

iPhone 13 series battery test video

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