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OnePlus mocks Apple, flaunts OnePlus 9 Pro charging speed

It isn’t surprising at all that OnePlus was one of the very few companies to jump to the fast charging bandwagon. We have all seen Dash Charge in the past and the current Warp Charge technology capable of 30W power output.

Speaking of which, the company today explicitly tweeted a video titled “The race doesn’t go down to the wire” on their official Twitter account showcasing a comparison with the iPhone. As in, the video takes a dig at Apple by flaunting the charging speed of the upcoming OnePlus 9 Pro with the iPhone, although here they decided to call the iPhone just “Another Phone“, which is silly.

The 45-second video begins with a message “Some things are worth waiting for”. And up next, we get to see the OnePlus 9 Pro and supposedly the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Both phones started off the race with 1% battery power. Upon plugging in, in exactly 15 minutes’ time, the OnePlus phone climbed up to 35% charge and the iPhone reached 27%. In another 15 minutes (total of 30 minutes since start), both the OnePlus device and iPhone were charged 71% and 53% respectively.

By the 43 minute mark of the test, the OnePlus 9 Pro battery was fully charged to 100% while the iPhone only made it to 72% battery charge. After which we got to see the message “Charging isn’t one of them” which’s a follow-up to the initial message.

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However, a big twist took place in the video. The OnePlus smartphone was actually connected to a wireless charger all throughout this test as opposed to the iPhone being connected to an unknown charger because all we could see was the lightning cable. Eventually, the video ends with the last message “Charge faster, No strings attached”, meaning wire or wireless, the OnePlus 9 Pro can charge way faster than the iPhone. Watch the video for yourself!

This race doesn’t go down to the wire. #OnePlus9Series

— OnePlus (@oneplus) March 18, 2021

Also, we wonder why OnePlus has renamed its Twitter account to ‘OnePlus 3’. Strange, isn’t it?

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