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AirPods Max has no power button, save battery life the Apple way

Apple set foot in the headphones segment with the introduction of the AirPods Max earlier this month. Ever since its introduction and reviews being outed, there has been major confusion with regards to AirPods Max battery life conservation due to the lack of a power button on the same. To put an end to all convolutions, Apple themselves have detailed how to save battery power.

Starting off, we already have learned earlier that the bundled Smart Case puts the AirPods Max into low power mode to conserve battery. However, building upon that, the headphones automatically go into ultralow-power mode if left in the case for 18 hours. The ultralow-power mode turns Bluetooth connectivity off and disables the Find My feature to avoid further battery drain.

AirPods Max | Source: Apple

Now coming to the question of concern ever since its debut: How do I switch my AirPods Max off? Well, again, there is no power button on the same and there are only 2 automatic ways to get around this nuisance. The AirPods Max goes into low power mode if the user isn’t wearing them for 5 minutes. Leaving the headphones unattended for 72 hours puts them into what apple calls lower power mode that turns off Bluetooth and Find My services to avoid unnecessary battery drain.

Wait! What’s the difference between ultralow-power mode and lower power mode when both carry out the same function? Sometimes Apple’s marketing terms go overboard and can get confusing at times. With that said, will Apple invent a power button in the future? Time will tell!

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Unusual case design | Source: Apple

All in all, to be honest, we are fans of Apple products and always do appreciate what’s good and equally not so good regardless of the brand. This brings us to the already controversial design of the Smart Case for the AirPods Max. It looks really weird in our opinion and doesn’t look like something that would come out from Apple’s design labs. Although we expect the case to protect the headphones quite well, we are no fans of its form whatsoever.


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