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Apple AirPods Max is official for $549

Finally, after innumerable speculations on the internet nearly this whole year, the AirPods Max from Apple has been introduced. This is a big addition to the existing AirPods lineup from the Cupertino giant. The AirPods Max is an over-the-ear headphone with features aplenty. Alright, let’s get talking then.

The elegant AirPods Max: Apple’s entry into headphones, finally!

The brand new headphones bring along a host of features including:

  • Adaptive EQ – Provides rich and detailed audio. By making adjustments to the sound with regards to the seal of the cushions to the user’s ear. This works by measuring the sound signal delivered to the user and thereby intricately keeping the low and mid-frequencies in check.
  • Active Noise Cancellation – Three external mics to detect ambient noise and one inside the cup to monitor the sound entering inside. This is adaptable to the fit and user movement in real-time.

The internals | Source: Apple

  • Transparency mode – Be aware of your surroundings while listening to audio at the same time for a safe listening experience.
  • Spatial Audio – Advanced dynamic head tracking to adapt and place the sound as you go on the go!

Running the new headphones is an in-house H1 chip for a seamless and effortless listening experience. In fact, each ear cup integrates the H1 chip. A 40mm dynamic driver is here to provide rich bass, accurate mid-range, and crisp, clean high-frequency extension so that you hardly miss a note. Each of the H1 chips makes use of 10 audio cores capable of 9 billion operations per second.

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AirPods Max | Source: Apple Smart carry case | Source: Apple Effortless pair and go! | Source: Apple The Digital Crown, borrowed from Apple Watch | Source: Apple Red color | Source: Apple Black | Source: Apple Blue | Source: Apple Green | Source: Apple Red | Source: Apple White | Source: Apple Knit mesh ear cup | Source: Apple 40mm dynamic driver | Source: Apple

Coming to the design, in Apple language, it is a Custom Acoustic Design. The canopy is a breathable knit mesh that also covers the headband. They have made sure that the weight is evenly distributed to reduce pressure on the head of the user. Speaking of which, the headband frame is made up of stainless steel for added rigidity and flexibility. The cushions are magnetized, which is neat but replacements cost $69 each.

Interestingly, the Digital Crown from the Apple Watch has made it to the AirPods Max. One can control the volume, phone calls, play/pause, skip tracks and summon Siri.

A smart carrying case is included to protect the new AirPods when not in use. Also, once inside the soft case, the AirPods Max goes into an ultralow-power mode to conserve battery power.

Once the user wears the AirPods Max, its advanced and intricate optical and motion sensors come into play here and detect the user. Simply effortlessly pair with just a tap and get going.

Apple claims a battery life of approximately 20 hrs, that is with all the sound enhancements switched on.

The AirPods Max is available in blue, red, white, green, and black paint jobs. It is priced outrageously at $549 on the company’s official website. Sales are set to begin on December 15.

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