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Fake AirPods 3 are already out ahead of the real deal!

Apple is expected to release the AirPods 3 likely in the third quarter of this year. However, we just came across a surprising video from DuanRui on Twitter (obtained via TikTok) that showcases a counterfeit AirPods 3. It appears that fake units of the earbuds have made it to the market. As you can see below, this knock-off unit, by the looks of it goes in line with the leaked images of the supposedly real AirPods 3.

As surprising it is to us, it actually isn’t because we all know how quick the Chinese market is at faking real original products in just a matter of time. The charging case, earbuds, and every little aspect of the AirPods 3 have been replicated here. And yes, sans the ear tips too, which may itself be an expected design trait of the upcoming third-gen AirPods.

AirPods 3 counterfeit products

— DuanRui (@duanrui1205) April 8, 2021

Featured Image: Apple

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