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Apple iPad Pro 2021 renders surface

The only tablet lineup that’s been successfully running is without a doubt, the iPad range from Apple. Unless you’re living under a rock, back in 2018, the Cupertino giant redesigned the iPad Pro with a squared-off design (like the iPhone 5 and SE1) which was carried over to the current iPhone 12 series. In 2020, we saw improvements to camera performance and processing power.

Building upon that, it is widely speculated that Apple might bring out a 2021 refresh to the iPad Pro line. Speaking of which, we have got CAD-based renders of the rumored iPad Pro 2021, at least the 12.9-inch flavor. The renders are coming exclusively from 91mobiles. Take a look and we’ll jump into what we can infer from the same.

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If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it design!

Right off the bat, we can see all the similarities here to the current iPad Pro 2020 tablet device. Starting off, Apple is expected to further thin out the bezels at the front fascia. With that said, the Face ID array might as well see a reduction in size to seat inside properly. On that note, Apple is said to be switching from IPS LCD to OLED or all the way to Micro-LED for the display technology. Micro-LED boasts the nature of an OLED but without any problems like pixel degradation or decay since OLEDs are organic and Micro-LED isn’t.

Going to the back of the device, we will get to see a dual-camera system accompanied by the LiDAR scanner along with an LED flash and a microphone. Moving on to the bottom, as usual, is two of the speakers out of the quad-speaker setup, and sitting between those is a USB-C port (when will the iPhone embrace this?).

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As usual, the pogo pins to help attach compatible accessories and more can be seen in the mockup here. Much like the current Pro model, Apple pencil support and the ability to attach the same to the side of the tablet will be featured.

The elongated power button could also integrate a Touch ID sensor (like the iPad Air 2020) in addition to the much more secure Face ID biometric authentication system.

On the innards, the iPad Pro 2021 will feature an update to the company’s A14 chipset in the form of an A14X or A14Z SoC to help deliver that much oomph in performance in general. Well, who knows, what if Apple has got a surprise for all of us and might altogether introduce their M chips to completely flip off the PC industry.

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