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Apple unveils iOS 15 and iPadOS 15: Key features

  • New FaceTime and iMessage features
  • Tweaked notification system
  • Enhancements to Photos and more

Apple unveiled iOS 15 at the June 7 WWDC21 event. The next-generation update brings with it changes and new features to FaceTime, Messages, Maps, Photos, and notifications system. Without further ado, let’s jump to some of the key features announced in the keynote.

Source: Apple 1. iOS 15: A no-risk update! 2. iPadOS 15: Evolutionary!

iOS 15: A no-risk update!

Source: Apple

Apple started off the event with new features built into FaceTime. First, spatial Audio makes its way to FaceTime call for a natural life-like audiovisual experience. Then we have a voice isolation feature that allows you to shun background noise and puts a priority on your voice for a clearer calling experience.

Group Fcaeome call gets a new Grid view which organizes callers in equal-sized tiles and also highlights the tile corresponding to the person speaking on a call. To elevate the call experience, Fcattime now brings portrait mode to calls, neat! The SharePlay feature allows you to share music or video with others in an active call exactly like how you would watch on your device.

Collage view is now available for a bunch of photos shared in a message. The new Shared with You feature enables you to view say an article or playlist your friend sent you on iMessage later while browsing Safari or navigating through the Apple Music app. The items will be available in a section called shared with You within the corresponding app.

  • Tweaked notification system

Source: Apple

As part of Apple’s new vision to keep things in focus, a new notification system is here. App icons and contact photos in notifications are now prominent and easily graspable. To avoid piling of notifications over time and keep important ones in check, we now have a Notifications Summary. As the name suggests, all of the notifications are stacked in this category that to based on priority.

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And of course, messages and conversations do not end up in the Notifications Summary and are always available right at the front in the Notification Center. A new Focus mode as part of the Do Not Disturb mode gives options to switch to modes such as personal, work, sleep or the usual D Not Disturb and helps keep you in focus as per preference.

Source: Apple

Fire up the Camera app and point your iPhone camera to anything that has text in it. Next, copy and send it to anybody for a better communicating experience. This also works in the Photos app where you can select texts or phone numbers in any picture and take required actions.

You can now search for photos directly in Spotlight right from your home screen. To make things better, SpotLight will show texts in pictures right in the search.

A driving License can now be added in the Wallet app provided that your country and its states support the feature. Also new is digital keys for your home to seamlessly enter and exit your home.

Source: Apple

New layout that changes according to the weather conditions to better understand the details. Brand new animations and graphics for intricate weather condition details and time of the day. A full weather map now gets a better representation of the conditions.

Source: Apple

New detailed 3D view to better navigate the city. Driving mode now gets a revamped view to judge traffic and flyovers in a very eye-catching manner for a safer navigating experience. There’s also the use of AR to better assist frim being lost out.

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iPadOS 15: Evolutionary!

Source: Apple

Along with iOS 15, Apple also debuted iPadOS 15. We feel this update is noting but for an interactive upgrade over iOS 14. Key changes include placement of widgets anywhere on the home screen, split-view multitasking better Safari tabs, Quick Note, and Shelf.

The brand new Shelf feature helps minimize apps and access them within any apps seamlessly while Quick Note allows you to jit down notes by swiping from the bottom corner of the screen. And by the way, App Library makes its way to iPadOS from iOS.


The beta of iOS and iPadOS 15 rolls out today for developers with public beta testing to start in July. iOS 15 is compatible with iPhone 6S and later. iPadOS 15 supports every iPad Pro 12.9″ and iPad 11″ models, iPad Pro 10.5″ and iPad Pro 9.7″, iPad Air (2nd gen and later), and vanilla iPad (5th gen and later). The update also has support for iPad mini (4th gen and later).

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