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iOS 15 Public Beta 4 comes with Safari tweaks, Focus mode status sharing and more

The Public Beta 4 release of iOS 15 is out now. The update includes changes to the Safari browser yet again, a new icon for Notifications in the Settings app, the ability to share the status of your Focus mode with individual contacts, and more.

Along with the changes, we have noticed an improvement in performance and battery life. The iOS 15 Public Beta 4 carries the build number 19A5307g and weighs 1.05GB on our 2020 iPhone SE. To update your iPhone, go to the Settings app > General > Software Update. And now let’s see four of the few prominent changes in iOS 15 Public Beta 4.

What’s new?

  • Apple has added a new refresh button in the address bar right beside the URL. Although the placement seems s too close to the URL, it still is better than nothing. On that note, the button itself is a tad too tiny to be able to tap it comfortably.
  • The three-dot button is now gone and has been replaced by the Share Sheet button. To access the options that were available in the three-dot menu previously, all you have to do is tap and hold the address bar.
  • You can now share your Focus status with your iMessage contacts on an individual basis.
  • Support for the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12 models.

To know more about iOS 15 Public Beta 4, refer to Apple’s official Release Notes.

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