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iOS 14.4.2 causing severe battery drain, users report

In late March, Apple released iOS 14.4.2 to users worldwide along with the iPad iteration of the same. The update fixed a critical WebKit issue on all compatible devices. However, since its release, users have been reporting severe battery drain and endurance issues. We too have been experiencing the same problem since updating our iPhone SE (2020). The battery percentage just drops down fairly quickly even when left unused.

On that note, it’s been quite a while now that Apple has been outing the beta versions of iOS 14.5 with beta 8 being the latest version as of now. We expect the final release to take place on the day the ‘Spring Loaded’ Apple April 20 event goes live.

Let’s take a look at what users over at Apple Developer Forums had to say about the excessive battery drain on iOS 14.4.2. Internet connectivity issues are also present in this update.

  • Been have severe battery drain since up date to iOS 14.4.2
  • You’re not the only one that is having this issue…
    14 . 4 . 2 kills my phone in a few hours and random internet disconnects. Best upgrade ever.
  • Battery issues for me as well. 14.4.2 was automatically installed overnight on my Iphone 7 and today I’ve noticed a significant problem with my battery life. From 100% battery life at 9:00AM to 14% at 2:00PM with literally zero usage of the phone.
  • I have had the same problem with my iPhone 12. I am constantly running to the charger, and barely on my phone all day
  • I have been noticing this on my iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Same issue for me. Dramatical battery drain after upgrade to latest 14.4.2. iPhone Xs MT532CN/A. Please help!
  • My iPhone (X) even acknowledges this. In the Battery section in settings it says: Recent Usage Your iPhone has been used more than usual since upgrading iOS, which may affect battery life. I have not been using it more myself. There are no obvious candidates in the list of programs taking up battery power, so I reckon it is iOS itself.
  • Same issue after 14.4.2 upgrade. iPhone SE second gen. horrible battery drain issue after the iOS upgrade. Please fix is urgently

Have any of you out there experienced or noticed battery issues on iOS 14.4.2? Chime in the comments section below to let us know your experience with the update. Thank you for reading.

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