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Excessive battery drain plagues iOS 14.6: Users report

  • Late last month, iOS 14.6 was out to the general public.
  • Disappointing battery endurance so far in our experience.
  • Occasional high background usage causes the iPhone to heat up.

Apple pushed out the iOS 14.6 update, not more than a couple of weeks ago. And with it came a very notorious problem in the form of excessive battery drain. Users took to the popular social media platform Twitter to express their grief and animosity following the update. A few incidents expressed on Twitter are below for your reference of how the software update crippled iPhones out there.

And as we all know, nothing escapes the notice of social platforms and helps the message reach out and multiply super-fast On that note, we too have pathetic battery life on iOS 14.6 with just about 3 hours of screen-time as opposed to the usual 4-4.5 hours.

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A user @yma6rocks wrote to Apple and Tim Cook on Twitter regarding battery drain while his iPhone was plugged in:

The battery life on iOS 14.6 is horrendous!! It drains even when plugged in!! Fix it @apple @tim_cook

— Sam (@yma6rocks) June 6, 2021

With regards to the iPhone getting hot, a user @gettradified expressed his experience via a couple of tweets with the user pointing out that his phone was very much like “on fire” while using the Apple Podcast app:

Anyone else update their iPhone to iOS 14.6 and now their phone gets super hot?

— Jonathan Kennedy (@getradified) June 6, 2021

Like, I was just listening to a podcast and it was on fire.

— Jonathan Kennedy (@getradified) June 6, 2021

Quite interestingly, @dls425 composed a tweet narrating his horrible experience. He compared how expensive his iPhone is compared to its rival the Samsung Galaxy phone and as a result, contemplating switching to the latter:

What the hell @Apple the iOS 14.6 just destroys your battery life, and for the amount I paid for this phone and my mom’s phone, I think it’s time to change to @SamsungMobileUS #applefail Apple has failed the last few updates

— Devin Smith (@dls425) June 5, 2021

In a similar fashion, a user @vikesh0777 too is thinking to jump ship to Android if Apple doesn’t solve the heating and battery drain issues soon:

I thought an update was supposed to make your phone better, but i guess I was wrong.
IOS 14.6 draining battery giving heating issues are you people working on it or shifting to android is the only best option left now @AppStore @Apple

— Vikesh Malusare (@vikesh0777) June 5, 2021

@thejimmyjuice wrote that his iPhone SE only lasts 2 hours upon light usage. It is unclear whether the user owns the 2016 or 2020 edition of the iPhone SE:

Hey @apple after installing iOS 14.6 on my iPhone SE, a full battery charge only lasts 2 hours with light use. Is there anything I can do to improve battery life?

— Jimmy Son (@thejimmyjuice) June 4, 2021

iOS 14.6.1 before WWDC?

We, very much like users out there are longing for Apple to fix the issues as soon as possible in the form of iOS 14.6.1. However, the question is when will they iron out the problems. Now that WWDC 2021 commences on Monday, there is little to no chance that we will see a release of iOS 14.6.1 before the event. On that note, iOS 15 will debut at Monday’s event and the Cupertino giant will release Beta 1 of the major update to compatible devices.

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