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iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 susceptible to discoloration, users complain

The infamous Apple aluminum debacle is back again. As per, the aluminum frame on their own iPhone 12 which is a PRODUCT(RED) variant has had its color fade away over time. The red paint job has turned into a sort of milky orange hue. They claim to have always used the phone in a case and free from sunlight and other toxic environmental substances and exposure. See for yourself.

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As you can see at the corners, the fade seems to be more prominent here probably caused by Apple’s improper treatment. The source also notes that their iPhone XR did not suffer from such an issue. Also that, the chemical reaction from Apple’s silicon case causes discoloration. Speaking of which, no fading occurred around the lightning connector, speakers, and microphone.

The report also mentions that several users have complained about the issue on the Apple discussion forum regarding the same problem including those using the iPhone SE (2020). On that note, we do have the same device in silver and already can see some minor blemishes even though it was in the case all time.

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iPhone 11 users chime in…

Not only that, On MacRumors forums, a member that goes by the name tl01 posted images of her son’s iPhone 11 suffering discoloration. She notes that both of her sons have the same model both in a red hue. Yet, only one of them appears to have the problem.

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tl01 on MacRumors Forums tl01 on MacRumors Forums tl01 on MacRumors Forums tl01 on MacRumors Forums

On the same thread, another member, The-Real-Deal82 responded to the images:

Coloured aluminium will fade unfortunately and as we know even with a red car, it starts changing colour the moment it is exposed to UV light. Red is perhaps the worst colour for pigment change in just about any format from printing ink to coloured dyes.

In regards to an iPhone the colours aren’t present due to anodising. Anodising is very restricted to silvers, golds and down to dark bronze. The colours Apple use are from chemical colouring which is a similar process but allows a much wider colour variation. The downside of this is that they are not quite a stable in terms of resisting the elements.

I would definitely get that phone swapped and not use a case with clear sides going forward. I am very surprised you are seeing this fading after such a short space of time too.

What do you all think of this serious issue affecting iPhones? We are expecting Apple to officially respond to this problem. We hope the company provides replacements to all affected customers.

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