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Videos not playing in Safari and other web browsers in iOS 15 Beta 5

Last week Apple released iOS 15 Beta 5 to Developer Beta users and public testers. Over the week we have been using the same and so far things have been smooth and sound. Performance and battery life have been dramatically improved compared to previous beta versions.

However, to make things bitter, a very annoying bug has plagued iOS 15 Beta 5. In-browser videos in Safari fail to display with only audio being played. To make things worse, the issue is not limited to Safari but to every other web browser, we played a video in.

At first, we thought the issue is related to the Youtube website but things are all the same on other websites with embedded videos.

There are no visuals with only the audio being played here.

As part of thorough testing, we fired the Youtube app to see if the problem persists in video apps. Thankfully, things are all good in Youtube app along with video streaming apps. As far as we can understand, there is really no workaround with the only option being is to wait for the next beta release.

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