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iOS 15 Public Beta 6: Safari changes again and SharePlay is disabled

Apple brought out the sixth Public Beta of iOS 15 exactly after a week of releasing the fifth iteration of the same. This new beta release includes significant changes and notable performance improvements. Speaking of which, Safari has yet again received tweaks and here we hugely welcome the change Apple has done.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the update, let’s say that the update weighs 760.9 MB on our 2020 iPhone SE. Head over to Settings > General > Software Update to check for the new build provided you have signed up and installed the iOS 15 Public Beta on your iPhone.

The official release notes for iOS 15 Beta 6 are here.

Safari gets reworked again

Ever since Apple outed the first beta of iOS 15, Safari has faced a lot of criticism for its controversial UI overhaul. The address bar was shifted to the bottom of the screen and was given the floating treatment. In the sixth beta, Apple has finally given users the choice to revert to the good old and inoffensive pre-iOS 15 Safari top address bar and bottom navigation panel layout.

You can tap the Aa button in the address bar and switch to a top address bar or bottom address bar layout. Alternatively, the very same option is available in Settings > Safari. When the bottom address bar option is selected, the address bar no longer floats and is instead fixed in place along with the navigation panel at the bottom of the screen.

On that note, the in-browser video playback issue of the previous beta has been resolved in this beta release.

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The iOS 14 Safari top address bar layout is back! The bottom floating address bar is gone for good. We like the tweaked setup with bookmarks and navigation buttons below the bar Tap the “Aa” to switch back and forth between the top and bottom bar layout The top bar options.

SharePlay is disabled and will be available sometime later

The ability to share the content you are watching to other Apple devices via FaceTime all in perfect sync is one of the many highlighting features of iOS 15. However, starting the sixth beta of iOS 15, Apple has decided to remove SharePlay until sometime later in the fall. And yes, it won’t be available in the official rollout of iOS 15 next month. Future releases of iOS will bring SharePlay back into action.

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