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Apple maybe working on a 2021 iPad with a 11-inch display

Yes, you read the title right there. Apple is supposedly working on a successor to the current vanilla iPad (8th gen). A user on Reddit that goes by the name nanosplitter21 has posted an image in the iPad subreddit. He claims that folks over at the Target store have leaked the possibility of a 9th Gen 2021 iPad. As in, the sales box for a Speck folio case for the 11″ iPad models gives out everything at once!

The case is Speck’s Balance FOLIO. Anyways, as you all know, Apple has an 11″ iPad Pro (2018 and 2020) currently in the lineup and also the iPad Air 2020 with a 10.9″ screen. So, quite naturally, the folio cover will definitely fit the two iPad models, and that’s mentioned on the box, which isn’t the thing here.

The cherry on the cake, to top it all up, is that it is also explicitly mentioned on the very same box that the cover fits a “NEW iPAD 11″ (2021)”. Which means, we may get to witness a new 9th Gen 2021 iPad with an 11-inch display this year (March 23, perhaps? more on that below). Take a look at the sales package of the 11″ iPad folio cover for yourself.

Apple iPad 2021 is in the works, probably! | Source: @nanosplitter21

March 23 Apple event, likely to happen?

Strangely, also as per the user on Reddit, when he apparently had attempted to buy the cover, the system threw an error back at him. The error goes like “This item can’t be sold until 4/06”. And that clears the picture here and cements the fact (not really, or does it so? who knows!) that Apple may be preparing an update to the current vanilla iPad and a March launch (we’ll get to it in a bit) may be in cards.

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To further back this, he claims that an employee over at Target had told him that the product wasn’t intended or supposed to be on the shelves yet. Also, we expect Apple to release the final version of iOS 14.5 on the same day as the March event or a day earlier. On that note, Apple outed iOS 14.4.1 on Monday with a critical and very important security patch and we urge our viewers to update their eligible devices immediately.

Apple iPad Pro 2020 | Source: Apple

Anyways, speaking of this very information, we on the other hand are expecting Apple to conduct an event on March 23. As reported by renowned Apple leaker, Jon Prosser, the Cupertino giant is expected to introduce a myriad of products later this month. From the likes of an iPad Pro 2021, AirPods, a new Apple TV, and a 3rd gen AirPods or an update to the AirPods Pro.

Speaking of which, OnePlus is scheduled to launch the OnePlus 9 series on March 23 and so if we can take all of the speculations, we may get to see a clash here. That said, which of the two events are you all planning to watch? Let us know in the comments below. Thank you for reading, PhoneGliders!

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