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This is what Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says about iPhone 13

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple appears to not find virtually any difference between the iPhone 13 and previous iterations. He appeared in an interview with Yahoo Finance recently.

Even though, the iPhone 13 Pro models brought in a 120Hz ProMotion display and advanced camera system, we think Wozniak doesn’t mind iPhone upgrades all that much.

I got the new iPhone; I can’t tell the difference really. The software that’s in it applies to older iPhones, I presume.

For those not all into details, yes, the iPhone 13 may not look like an upgrade at least in terms of design. Internally, however there are quite a bit of notable upgrades. But are those upgrades justifiable for those with an iPhone 12 at hand? Not really! apple-iphone-13-3530977 iPhone 13. Source: Apple Back in 2017, at the time of the release of the iPhone X, Wozniak voiced a similar outlook. He felt his iPhone 8 at the time was identical to the iPhone 7 which was, in turn, identical to the iPhone 6.

I’d rather wait and watch that one. I’m happy with my iPhone 8 — which is the same as the iPhone 7, which is the same as the iPhone 6, to me.

What are your opinions about the iPhone 13 series and how does the latest smartphone from Apple stand different from previous models. Are they worth upgrading to? Chime in the comments section below. Apple iPhone 13 Steve Wozniak Next Article Beats Fit Pro joins Apple’s ever-growing list of TWS

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