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7 iPad mini 2021 tips and tricks you should know

Purchased a shiny new iPad mini 6th generation and want to know the basics just in case? We have come up with 7 iPad mini 2021 tips and tricks for you all to get the most out of its iPadOS 15. Without any further ado, let’s get going…

Volume buttons on the iPad mini 2021

ipad-mini-6-volume-buttons-placement-3280845 The volume buttons are located on the top-left when held in portrait orientation | Source: Apple

When held in the proper portrait orientation, the volume control buttons on the new iPad mini 6 are located at the top left-hand side. In contrast, all other iPads do have volume buttons on the right-hand side. The change here by Apple was done to accommodate the magnetic Apple Pencil 2 concerning the size of the iPad mini 6. Regardless of the orientation, the iPad is held, the volume buttons adapt themselves automatically on iPadOS 15.

Control Center

control-center-ipad-mini-6-3711134 Control Center

Swipe from the top-right of the screen of your iPad to access the control center. Irrespective of how you hold down the iPad mini, the control center is always at the top-right.

Access the app switcher

app-switcher-ipad-mini-6-4903015 App switcher in iPadOS 15 on the iPad mini 6

Notice the pill-shaped cue/home bar that’s used to swipe to go to the Home Screen? (in case you didn’t know: swipe the home bar up to go home). To access the app switcher, swipe up on the home bar and pause for a brief moment to access all of the open applications. To close all apps, simply swipe up on each app at a time (you may also use two or more fingers at a time to close multiple apps at a time).

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Quickly jot down notes on the go

quick-note-ipad-mini-6-4451456 Quick Notes is a great feature in iPadOS 15 on iPad mini 2021

Are you held up with the immense workload and want to jot down some important points, sketch, or make a quick list? Quick Notes comes to the rescue as it is just a swipe away from the bottom right corner of your iPad mini.


edit-post-e280b9-phoneglide-e28094-wordpress-4900528 Tap the three-dot button to access split-view multitasking mode

There are two ways to multitask on the iPad screen real estate. Tap on the three dots located at the top of every app in the center of the status bar to access advanced multitasking mode. You may either use a split-screen view with two apps side by side. Another way is to keep one app running in the foreground with multiple floating apps all at the same time.

safari-split-view-multitask-ipad-mini-6-6966513 Two multi-tasking views are available for split-view app management ipad-mini-2021-split-view-app-mode-multi-tasking-4225250 Use two apps at the same time with the split-view mode ipad-mini-2021-floating-app-mode-multitasking-6127117 Floating app mode for even better multi-tasking

Keyboard layout

Full size keyboard Split keyboard Floating keyboard Undocked keyboard on iPad

For the sake of convenience, there are four types of keyboard layouts available in iPadOS 15 on iPad mini 2021. There is the typical; a full-size keyboard, a split keyboard, undocked keyboard (which is a full-size one but without being stuck at the bottom of the screen for ease of use), and a floating keyboard. To access the types of keyboard layout, tap and hold the hide keyboard button located at the bottom right of the keyboard (besides the “123” button).

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Silent mode

Unlike iPhone where we do get a silent mode toggle switch above the volume buttons to silence notifications and calls, the iPad never was equipped with one ever. However, if you wish to silence notifications on your iPad mini, simply go to the Control Center and tap the bell icon.

As the iPad is mostly used for media, gaming, work on the go, and social media consumption, the need to deal with calls (unless you buy the cellular variant) doesn’t arise at all.

ipad-silent-mode-button-5733173 Tap the bell button to toggle the silent mode on the iPad

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