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This luscious concept aims to resurrect the iPhone 4 in 2022!

We just cannot get over the fact that Steve Jobs introduced a benchmark of a product over a decade ago. No no, we aren’t talking about Apple‘s original iPhone, which in itself is more than just a benchmark for the entire mobile industry. We are referring to the good old iPhone 4 from 2010. Folks who owned or even felt and used it can only understand the message we really are trying to convey here. As in, the iPhone 4 was a giant leap in the industry back in 2010 itself.

With a timeless all glass and flat stainless steel design (groundbreaking for the time, not any less today!), the phone just raised the bar in smartphone design and engineering.

Building upon this, the creative artists over at LetsGoDigital have come up with a breathtaking remaster of the iPhone 4 for the year 2022. This concept keeps the core design values of the phone with upgrades on the right spot like the bezel-less edge-to-edge display. interestingly, there is no notch up here, which elevates the deal here.

Also, Apple may launch a new 9th generation 2021 iPad, if rumors can be taken into account.

1. Timeless design. Re-imagined!

Timeless design. Re-imagined!

Words already can’t describe the perfect design of the iPhone 4 and the same applies to this beautiful and luscious iPhone 4 2022 concept. Let’s take a look, shall we? Jump right in, PhoneGliders!

Edge-edge bezel-less display | Source: LetsGoDigital Glass panel | Source: LetsGoDigital Stainless steel frame | Source: LetsGoDigital Lightning or USB-C, you decide. Why not port-less?! | Source: LetsGoDigital

The Original iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 came with a 3.5″ Retina IPS LCD display with a thick forehead and chin (which was the norm back then, even today with the SE 2020!). It had 512GB of RAM and up to 32GB of onboard storage. A single 5MP camera with 1080p video recording sat at the back of the device.

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And yes, how could one forget Apple’s in-house A4 chip that started the company’s massive leap to outclass the competition to this very day. Since the introduction of the iPhone 4, Apple took smartphone speed seriously has never turned back ever.

iPhone 4 | Source: GSMArena Stainless steel frame | Source: GSMArena Glass back panel | Source: GSMArena

We hope Apple takes note of this very concept and brings out a possible iPhone SE 3 in 2022. As we own an iPhone SE 2020, we feel Apple needs to consider a flat design for the next-generation model.

On a side note, today, 9/10 smartphones out there boast an all-glass (is Glasstic same as glass, Samsung?!) design, thanks to the iPhone 4. Steve Jobs proudly mentioned the iPhone 4 as, unlike anything we have ever seen, with its only close kin to be a good old Leica camera of the past. This proves how much Jobs was confident of the true industrial design of the device.

What do you all think about the remastered iPhone 4? Chime in the comments and let’s get talking. Thank you for reading.

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