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Apple Car might arrive as early as September 2021

Cupertino-based Apple is heavily rumored to make a breakthrough in the automobile industry with an electric self-driving vehicle. As per Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, the tentative Apple Car (Titan) is expected to be showcased as soon as September of 2021. The Tesla rival from Apple is being rushed towards debut as the company is ramping up the procurement of parts and components from suppliers. Thereby, in an effort to boost the scale of production to be able to make it to the market sooner than later.

NOTE: The images throughout this article are all a concept. They do not in any way indicate the real deal.

Rear-end | Source: Carwow Interior. Notice the “> slide to unlock” on the driver-side window to unlock the door. Yes, it’s the same unlock gesture picked up from pre-iOS 10 builds. Impressive! | Source: Carwow

The prototypes of the Apple Car have been ongoing testing on the roads of California. Speaking of which, the trillion-dollar company was granted a permit in 2017 for testing autonomous vehicles. That same year, we recall that Apple was utilizing Lexus RX 350 SUVs fitted with LiDAR sensors as a basis for extensive testing, research, and development process.

An analyst with a great track record namely Ming-Chi-Kuo in the past has predicted 2023-2025 reveal of the Apple Car. On that note, a director at a key Taiwanese plant has pointed out September 2021 unveil of Apple’s upcoming EV.

Apple Car in white, silver, and black | Source: Carwow

The launch of the Titan has been a hot topic for over 6 years now. And so the anticipation has been skyrocketing ever since. We feel Apple is on a mission to diversify its presence in every technology-focused segment as much as possible. One cannot deny the fact that when it comes to intricacies, Apple is unparalleled. No, this is not any sort of endorsement, it’s what we have seen and experienced over the years.

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The company will make use of its design and software expertise in combination with AI to nurture the growth of this segment with advanced machine learning, user interaction facilities along a great consumer experience. As in, we expect a CarOS to be running on the Apple Car upon launch.

Moreover, considering Apple’s ecosystem being seamless and effortless through unmatched hardware and software integration, we can see how devices across the brand’s lineup will work in tandem with the vehicle. Yes, indeed the perks of making both hardware and software!

Preliminary specs | Source: Carwow

Let’s take every bit of information with a pinch of salt for now as pretty much anything unless and until official is all fit for educational purposes only. We are eagerly awaiting the most anticipated launch set to happen in the near future. We believe Apple’s not going to take any chances on this one.

What are your thoughts on Apple building a self-driving EV? Express your take and let’s get talking, PhoneGliders! Thank you for reading.

SOURCE  Images by Carwow

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