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Tecno mocking Apple and Samsung are the dumbest trolls ever

We all have come across smartphone brands taking a dig at each other for some logical reasons. However, bizarrely, Chinese smartphone maker Tecno mocking Apple and Samsung are the dumbest trolls ever we have seen at this point. Let’s say, This has to be one confident attempt from the brand to taunt the two top smartphone makers in the world.

In fact, it has gone too far that the troll makes no sense to anyone at the end of the day. The troll was initiated by the company to promote their Phantom X smartphone.

Tecno last week took to their Twitter account to taunt Apple by asking its users to not “take the rotten apple” and change their taste to “something fresh”. This mockery aims to persuade its users to try the “Refreshing Camera” on the Phantom X.

tecno-mocks-apple-2438017 Mocking Apple camera quality | Source: @tecnomobile on Twitter

Funnily, the camera is only good on paper with its triple 50MP+13MP+8MP setup but in reality, the system isn’t anywhere close to what the iPhone 13 offers.

Moving on, a few hours ago Tecno chose to mock Samsung for some unidentified reason. Again, via a Tweet, the company attempted to promote the “Brand-new Design” of the Phantom X. The image in the tweet advises its fans to not “repeat the samesong” and instead “try something new”. Or was it with regards to the “Over the Horizon” brand song of Samsung that they pointed out? Who knows.

tecno-mocks-samsung-4521313 Mocks Samsung over design. Bad move really! | Source: @tecnomobile on Twitter

Quite comically and ironically, the design of the Phantom X looks like a direct lift-off of two Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The front of the phone resembles that of the Galaxy S10 Plus and the setup at the back reminds us of the Galaxy S9 series.

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Usually, trolls and mockeries of this kind help not-so-popular brands to shine for some time. All while thinking people will take notice and decide to buy one at the very least.

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