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Apple testing new iPad Pro with glass back and wireless charging

Apple might consider switching materials for its next-generation 2022 iPad Pro models. The Cupertino giant as per a report from Bloomberg is planning to switch from metal to glass back panel in 2022. In comparison, the current iPad Pro design dates back to 2018 featuring all-aluminum construction. Furthermore, the reports also state that wireless charging along with MagSafe and reverse wireless charging is being tested which is expected to be included considering a change in materials.

Apple jumped to the wireless charging bandwagon, not too long ago in 2017 with the introduction of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Speaking of which, reverse wireless charging is going to be a first for Apple allowing other devices in the ecosystem to be charged seamlessly on the go.

As far as iPad is concerned especially the Pro lineup here, these changes are all welcomed considering their use case with regards to work, entertainment, and productivity in these tough times amid the pandemic. We feel these refinements should’ve made it to reality a couple of years ago to help keep things consistent between the iPhone and iPad range of devices. However, practically, we aren’t fans of wireless charging at all.

Anyways, let’s keep in mind that all of these aforementioned features are in the early stages of development, and things could change or get canceled altogether before launch, the report highlights.

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