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Apple AirTag is a smart tracker to locate your belongings easily

Smart tracking devices aren’t anything new or breathtaking at this point in time as we’ve seen several companies have outed one. By joining the bandwagon, Apple has introduced its AirTag accessory to help locate your devices and belongings easily via the Find My app on your iPhone or other Apple devices.

The AirTag is a small and lightweight round puck-like device that attaches onto or slips right into your bag, luggage, or any other belongings. Just bring the AirTag near to the iPhone and that’s it, it’s paired! The Find My app comes to play here to help locate current or last known location. A sound can also be played to help find it provided it is in the Bluetooth range. The device is IP67 certified for dust and water resistance.

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AirTag employs the Apple U1 chip with Ultra-wideband technology and this helps to find your stuff with the Precision Finding feature. This feature is exclusive to iPhone 11 and 12 devices that have the U1 chip in them. It allows the user to locate his belongings by determining the exact distance and direction of the AirTag. As the user moves, the camera, the accelerometer will guide the user towards the AirTag by providing sound, haptics, and visual feedback. A simple coin-sized watch battery (CR2032) is used to power up the AirTag.

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A lost Airtag is out of the Bluetooth coverage area, the user can go to the Find My network and place it in Lost mode and locate it from anywhere provided the person that comes across the AirTag has an iPhone 11 or 12 featuring the U1 chip. The AirTag can simply be placed inside your bag, purse or you can opt for keychain accessories designed to attach the tag to your devices and personal belongings.

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Source: Apple

An AirTag will set you back $29, however, Apple is offering a bundle with 4 AirTags for $99. It will be available starting April 30.

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