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Apple’s AirTag was actually ready back in 2019

AirTag, Apple’s new smart tracking device was introduced at the April 20 Apple Event, and it’s already available for purchase today. The $29 ($99 for a 4-pieces bundle) tracker keeps your belongings safe should you lose them. Your stuff can be easily located via the Find My App on Apple devices.

Speaking of which, Daniel of the Youtube channel ZONEofTECH which is dedicated to Apple products via Twitter revealed that the AirTag was ready to ship as early as 2019. Upon unboxing, he discovered the pamphlet with the year 2019 listed for trademark and regulatory purposes.

Source: ZONEofTECH Source: ZONEofTECH

On the other hand, on the sales package, we can see the year 2020 printed on the trademark sticker. All of this indicates that the smart tracking device was devised by the company long ago. We still aren’t clear why Apple chose to delay the product by a couple of years.

However, one thing is clear that the AirTag has had leaked several times in the past hinting at an imminent launch at the time. Also, the company’s decision to open the Find My network to third-party devices prior to the launch further cemented the possibility of an AirTag introduction.

To learn more about Apple’s AirTag smart tracker, click/tap here.

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