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Designer remasters Mac OS X wallpapers in 6K and P3 color space

Let’s dial down and travel down the Apple lane for some time! Speaking of which, a designer named Rafa has come up with 4 of the beautiful Mac OS X wallpapers and has made it even more beautiful by giving a 6K treatment along with the P3 color gamut. Each wallpaper is available in a 6K (for monitors and TVs), iPad, and iPhone flavors.

I made a tiny little thing over the weekend…

????Mac OS X Remastered Wallpapers (Galaxy Edition):

Classic desktop pictures modernized in 6K and P3 Color Gamut

— Rafa (@rafahari) September 6, 2021

The aurora wallpapers from Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard are available along with the galaxy wallpapers from Lion and Mountain Lion build of the evergreen iteration of Apple’s OS. Head over to to download these pieces of crisp art.

According to Rafa, he curated the default wallpapers courtesy of Stephen Hackett over at 512 Pixels and upscaled them using machine-learning technology to de-noise, applied the P3 color space, and tweaked them to keep the originality at bay.

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