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Boy orders iPhone, gets an iPhone-shaped table instead!

In a quite comical incident, a boy from Thailand came across an Apple iPhone for a very cheap price at an E-commerce store. Excited by the iPhone on a bargain, the teen immediately placed an order. All was good but only until the product arrived at his doorstep. In actuality, he received a giant packaging almost as tall as him which contained an iPhone-shaped coffee table inside. Anyways, let’s take a look at this one beautiful table. We just love it! This report comes from designyoutrust.

Source: designyoutrust Source: designyoutrust Source: designyoutrust

It turns out that, the boy ordered the product without even reading the description. As he stumbled upon a lifetime of a deal that too for a product as desirable as an iPhone, he just didn’t bother to check up the details of the item. He realized this fact upon unboxing the table. Whatever it may be, the person’s mistake of missing out on the product details, brought him home quite a piece of furniture.

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This brings us to the point that before ordering any product online, please always make sure of the type and use of the product rather than rushing to press the buy button, no matter how good of a deal it may be.

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