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Pictures compare smaller notch of iPhone 13 to iPhone 12

In line with the previous report with regards to a smaller notch on the upcoming iPhone 13, DuanRui has shared a few pictures on Twitter of the same. Not only that, the pictures actually depict a comparison of the smaller notch with that of the iPhone 12. The comparison is made using what appears to be a screen protector for the upcoming iPhone lineup.

As you can see from the images below, the notch here houses all of the sensors and camera next to each other neatly with a cut-out for the earpiece above all of the components. Meaning, the earpiece/speaker will be located at the top bezels of the iPhone 13.

The reduction in the width of the notch is due to the earpiece being relocated in a better location to free up space and provide that much more screen real estate, say for the battery percentage. Anyways, take a look.

Source: DuanRui Source: DuanRui Source: DuanRui

All of these changes are a huge welcome, however, ever since Apple introduced the iPhone X in late 2017, the size of the notch hasn’t been given a resize. To be honest, we prefer the current notch because it has become an identity for modern iPhones in icons and device representations much like the home button of previous iPhones. We wish Apple goes all-screen by locating the front vitals under the display. However, that won’t happen at least until 2023 considering the company’s major design upgrade cycle.

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