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How search engine aims to dethrone Google

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has come up with a $20 Million investment in Founded by Richard Socher nearly a year ago, aptly named which is now in the Beta stage is a new search engine amidst the Google world of things. Powered by AI, the search engine from the get-go implements privacy at its core for a great user experience. Ad targeting is not part of the agenda here. So, it’s completely ad-free at least for now.

TIME Ventures is leading the $20M Series A of @RichardSocher’s exciting new company I am greateful to my friend @jimihendrixlive for joining me on the adventure. Richard is the former head of research at salesforce and I’m thrilled to support him. ❤️

— Marc Benioff (@Benioff) November 9, 2021

You just install the Chrome/browser extension as instructed and you’re good to go.

Content is presented to the user in a useful and actionable manner. All content that is searched is laid out in an intuitive setup with information from various consolidated in one central place. This ensures the user gets to his/her query as fast as possible.

Now one may wonder and ask “why over the best search engine out there I.e. Google? The answer to this might be a bit over the tops, however considering the promises here, we couldn’t agree more. As in, brings in a fresh search experience with what the founder claims to be “click trust” as opposed to “clickbait”. Basically means that the search engine aims to bring in as many relevant and quality results to the user.

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The screenshot below details how employs AI to bring in the apt search results from sources a user expects, in a cinch.

you-com-search-results-6854053 shows search results in a neat grid layout.

Moreover, tries to eliminate the need of opening multiple tabs by summarizing results from sources that the user wants at the moment in a single instance and also defining and detailing them by using the power of AI. The results are all displayed in a neat grid format to provide an uncluttered experience. is something fresh out of the lot considering Google’s targeting of its user’s private information to bring personalized experience not only with the search engine and its controversial antitrust debacle all over the place.

Now, can dethrone Google altogether? Not really all that possible as over 90% of the web is searched through the latter. But hey, as they say, “anything can happen right?”.

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