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Hands-on images of the Apple AirPods 3 leak

UPDATE – 11/03/20: Courtesy of @LeaksApplePro via Twitter, we now get to see two high-quality real-life hands-on images of the upcoming AirPods 3. The leaked images corroborate well with all of the renders. However, the silicone ear tips are nowhere to be seen here. Anyways, have a look. Also, you may scroll down to read the original article to recap the happenings.

AirPods 3 in the charging case | Source: @LeaksApplePro AirPods 3 and the new charging case | Source: @LeaksApplePro

ORIGINAL ARTICLE – 10/03/20: When it comes to the true-wireless audio experience, the first product that comes to anyone’s mind is the Apple AirPods. It in itself has set a benchmark in the audio segment for almost half a decade now. With that said, late last month, we got to see what is supposed to be the AirPods 3 boasting a new yet familiar design.

Today, however, we have obtained images courtesy of Gizmochina, showcasing the upcoming AirPods 3 in full form. By the looks of it, we think Apple is going with an AirPods Pro-like design. We still are in dilemma as to whether or not the 3rd gen AirPods will feature an in-ear design or not (at least by the renders). In one way if you think, it makes sense if t retains a simple design as both the first-gen AirPods and the Airpods 2 did not have an in-ear design, and also they looked identical. Take a look for yourself.

Apple AirPods 3 boasts a familiar design | Source: Gizmochina The charging case| Source: Gizmochina

The stem appears to have become shorter here and the charging case is slightly narrower and taller than the Pro model brings it in line with the non-pro AirPods. The ANC feature may or may not make it to the AirPods Pro. That feature could still be reserved for the AirPods Pro with the next generation not too far away. The over the ear offering from the Cupertino company namely the AirPods Max was out a couple of months ago.

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Gizmochina claims to have received these renders directly from suppliers ahead of the March 23 event. They also believe these renders depict the final design of the AirPods 3 that’s likely to make it to retail stores. Also, Apple is rumored to launch a new iPad Pro, AirTags, and new Apple TV at the March keynote. Apple may also be working on the 9th Gen 2021 iPad, the successor to the current vanilla iPad.

Featured image: Apple


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