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Apple is preparing AirPods Pro Lite sans ANC

The Cupertino giant Apple hasn’t yet given a successor to the AirPods 2 as of yet. Speaking of which, a report from TheElec has brought out some interesting tidbits. As in, an AirPods Pro Lite (AirPods Lite) is on the way for the first half of 2021. Going by the tentative name, for now, the earbuds will be a slightly watered-down variant of the premium Airpods Pro. Yes, we expect to see the same in-ear design and overall shape.

However, the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) feature is not going to make it to the AirPods Pro Lite. We would like to call it the AirPods 3 to keep it simple. On that note, Apple recently introduced an even more premium AirPods Max to finally jump into the headphones territory.

AirPods Pro | Source: Apple

According to industry sources, The new Airpods will come with a new square-shaped SiP (System-in-Package) with Apple’s H1 audio chip integrated into it. Currently, a rounded SiP exists in the AirPods. The production of the new SiP will take place next year with quality verification and certification to be completed before the end of 2020.

Upon launch, the upcoming AirPods is slated to be 20% cheaper than the AirPods Pro due to the lack of ANC. Not everybody is quite comfortable with ANC and they may not bother about the feature altogether. This in turn translates to a price of $199 compared to the $249 AirPods Pro.

Apple was expected to out the Lite version of the AirPods Pro after its launch. However, the demand for the same exceeded the company’s expectations, eventually leading to a change in plans at Cupertino. And taking things into perspective at the very moment, Apple is geared towards conquering the wireless audio accessory segment especially considering the competition has brought out more for less.

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What do you all think of a Lite variant of the AirPods Pro? Chime in the comments section to get talking. Thank you for reading.


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