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Download Android 12L wallpapers

Google’s rollout of Android 12, it’s latest and greatest mobile OS is widening to smartphones across the globe. However, quite interestingly, the Alphabet company introduced Android 12L last month which is tailor-made for foldable phones. Speaking of which, we have the Android 12L wallpapers in 2160 x 2400 px resolution.

You can download wallpapers in a bit (or see Table of Contents below). First, let’s give you all a basic overview of Android 12L.

2. Android 12L wallpapers

What is Android 12L

Considering that foldable phones are the next big thing going forward, Android 12L focuses on large, flexible, and foldable devices. The letter L stands for Large. The user interface is tweaked here to take advantage of large displays.

For instance, the notifications panel, lock screen, quick settings, home screen, and more are refined to adapt to the change in size. As in, logically a two-column setup is used for all apps across the system to span across the large display.

android-12l-for-foldables-tablets-computers-4210108 Android 12L for foldable and large screen devices | Source: Google

An interesting new apps switcher design is being employed for better multi-=tasking capabilities. Now, we get to see a Windows-like taskbar at the bottom of the display to switch between apps swiftly. Split-screen mode is here as well (and that too for all apps) for the best of both worlds kind of people.

Developers simply need to follow Google’s direction with regards to window sizes for phones, foldable, tablets, and computers. Compact size for phones, Medium for foldable phones, and Expanded for tablets.


You can learn more about Android 12L here.

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Android 12L wallpapers

As of now, we only have got 1 Android 12L wallpaper for download. Stay tuned for more.

Click/tap to view and then save it to your phone, tablet, or PC/Mac.

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