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MagDart from realme is an upcoming Apple MagSafe clone

The Android world will witness its first-ever breakthrough in wireless charging. Yes and exactly as you read the title of this very article, BBK owned realme is all set to debut an Apple MagSafe-like magnetic charging solution to Android fans out there. The report was brought out by Gizmochina last week followed by GSMArena on Monday bringing out an exclusive report about the Realme Flash smartphone.

And today, realme itself took to Twitter to officially announce the same. You see, realme is gearing up to release the Realme Flash smartphone soon featuring the MagDart technology. Unsurprisingly, the name MagDart is way too close in the vicinity with Apple’s MagSafe branding. We hope realme doesn’t get caught up in trademark infringement issues.

In our quest to be the pioneers of technology, we created #realmeFlash. It’s the world’s first Android Phone with Magnetic Wireless Charging!

RT if you can’t wait for it. #realmeTechCharging #DareToLeap

— realme (@realmeIndia) July 27, 2021

Source: GSMArena

Also purported to launch is a larger MagDart charger featuring a heavy-duty design and possibly faster charging speeds. An air vent is prominently visible on the exterior of this bigger MagDart charger. And yes before you even notice it, a USB-C port appears to reside here. Now, this makes us wonder if the company is trying to launch a battery pack à la MagSafe Battery Pack.

Source: Gizmochina

Does it matter?

Ever since Apple brought the MagSafe to the iPhone 12 lineup, things really didn’t turn out as expected. We have seen users report heating, slow charging, and overall inefficiency issues on various forums. Wait, that doesn’t mean it’s all negative though.

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The speed at which it charges the iPhone is 15W (12W for the iPhone 12 mini) and that’s no slouch actually. However, in fair terms, we would like to differ here and we have already expressed our take on wireless charging and think it’s just a gimmick. Your opinions and views may vary. Also on that note, the official Apple MagSafe Battery Pack has received a lukewarm response so far.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on realme’s version of MagSafe for the Android ecosystem? Let us know in the comments. Thank you for reading.

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