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Xiaomi did what Apple coudn’t: AirPower-like wireless charging pad

Chinese smartphone maker, Xiaomi unveiled their Mi 11 Pro and Ultra flagship devices at a launch event in China today. Along with the high-end smartphones, the company also introduced an Apple AirPower-like wireless charging pad. Unless you’re living under a rock, you may have seen Apple’s multi-device wireless charger, the AirPower a few years ago in 2017.

Since its introduction at the iPhone 8/X launch event, the AirPower never made it to reality. After nearly two years in 2019, AirPower was canceled. Apple reasoned that the device was unable to meet its own quality standards. Since its inception, Apple takes quality and reliability very seriously for the best user experience (the Butterfly Keyboard being an exception!). Take a look at the canceled AirPower first and then let’s jump on to Xiaomi’s clone of the same.

The original Apple AirPower | Source: Apple

Xiaomi’s iteration of the demised Apple AirPower

Source: Xiaomi Source: Xiaomi Source: Xiaomi Source: Xiaomi

As you can see from the pictures above, Xiaomi’s Apple AirPower clone (the shape here is less-rounded though) can charge up to 3 devices at a time. As per Xiaomi, the wireless charger provides an output of 60W with up to 20W available for each device. There are 19 coils built into the wireless charger which allows devices to be charged by placing them anywhere on the pad. There is no need to adjust your devices unlike conventional wireless chargers out there. You’ll be able to charge any Qi-certified device (except the Apple Watch) by resting it on this pad.

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Xiaomi claims to have worked for two years on this wireless charger and feels confident that they have been able to iron out the overheating issue. And yes, this was apparently the main reason why Apple shelved the AirPower. On that note, only time will tell how well Xiaomi’s new AirPower clone will fare for such a challenging piece of tech.

This multi-coiled Xiaomi wireless charging pad will set you back just $91, which is really impressive considering the capabilities on offer here.

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