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Japanese toaster maker Balmuda reveals its Balmuda Phone

High-end Japanese toaster and kitchen appliances manufacturer Balmuda introduced its first-ever phone called Balmuda Phone. The phone is an Android OS-powered 5G smartphone with a compact design, cute little pebble-shaped look, and kind of mid-range specs.

The screen measures just 4.9″ carrying with it a Full HD+ resolution and the good old 16:9 aspect ratio. Thankfully the screen tries enough to stretch to all four corners for a bezel-less experience. Speaking of which, the front-facing 8MP camera is situated in the punch-hole cut-out.

balmuda-phone-02-1987785 Balmuda Phone with a pebble-like design | Source: Balmuda

Processing on this compact smartphone is handled by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765 chipset paired with 6GB of RAM. The internal memory available is 128GB of storage with no memory card slot for storage expansion.

The primary camera is a modest 48MP unit complete with an LED flash to boot. And as such is nothing to write home about.

Connectivity-wise, we have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB-C port for charging, and 5G to keep up with the times. Interestingly Qi-wireless charging is also present here to top-up the meager 2500 mAh battery.

Being an Android smartphone, we expected Android 12 to make it here, however, Bermuda has stuck with version 11. This is not okay but at least Balmuda has made sure it has provided some custom experience on top of vanilla Android. For instance, system apps like calendar, camera, and more are Balmuda’s own along with a few system-wide gestures to enlighten the overall experience.

balmuda-phone-apps-5013601 Few Balmuda-made apps to boot | Source: Balmuda

All of this will be up for purchase for JPY 104,800 which translates to USD 912.43 making it quite expensive for what’s on offer.

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Know more about Balmuda Phone here.

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