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Twitter is testing in-app YouTube player on iOS

Microblogging platform Twitter is officially testing an in-app YouTube player on iOS. Twitter’s support team tweeted about the upcoming feature on Thursday. This feature will provide users with the ability to watch youtube video link directly on their timeline. Just hit the play button on a tweet that has the YouTube link embedded. Currently, to watch a YouTube video, one has to tap the link of a given video which then launches the web version of YouTube within the Twitter app itself.

Now, this welcome change aims to make the experience simpler and intuitive for all iOS users. Take a look at the feature Twitter’s cooking. Also, Twitter’s working on bringing the ability to upload and view 4K images both on iOS and Android.

Starting today on iOS, we’re testing a way to watch YouTube videos directly in your Home timeline, without leaving the conversation on Twitter.

— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) March 18, 2021

Current YouTube experience on Twitter:

Youtube experience on Twitter for iOS at the moment. The link has to be clicked to access the video. Smartphones Twitter YouTube Previous ArticleTwitter may lock us into a subscription to unsend tweets!

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