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Twitter may lock us into a subscription to unsend tweets!

UPDATE – 19/03/21: It turns out like things are going haywire at Twitter. As in, the social media platform is supposedly working on a subscription model that may bring new features along with the much anticipated Undo Tweet functionality. This to us seems ridiculous at the very least.

You see, currently, a user can just delete an errored tweet and tweet again if he/she wishes to. We wonder why would someone sign up for the subscription for such a simple task. Instead, we feel, Twitter should throw it in for free! We have obtained the screenshot from Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter itself, who previously provided us with Undo Tweet feature in action. Read on to know more.

Pay Twitter to un-send tweets! | Source: @wongmjane

ORIGINAL ARTICLE – 05/03/21: Popular microblogging platform Twitter is reportedly working on a life-saving feature! No, not the ability to edit tweets but something even better. Okay, so Twitter is preparing a function that enables you to un-send a tweet that you had just posted, should you proofread it again.

Notable feature discoverer Jane Manchun Wong showcased this exact feature on her Twitter handle. By the looks of it, this supposed feature instantly reminded us of Gmail. As in, Gmail also in a very similar fashion allows one to undo a sent email for correction purposes. Take a look at what Twitter’s working on! Let’s also compare it to Gmail’s undo feature.

After posting a tweet, the Undo button is available to the user for around 5-6 seconds before any changes can be made to the same, again very much like Gmail. We really hope, this important and beneficial feature gets rolled out as soon as possible.

Twitter is working on “Undo Send” timer for tweets

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) March 5, 2021

Gmail Undo feature

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For almost a decade users on Twitter have been longing for the ability to edit tweets. We have all been there and come across several tweets that have typos in them. Currently, the only way to make corrections to an already posted tweet is to delete the same and re-convey the same message with all of the fixes applied to it. This alone discourages a user to go all the way to compose a tweet again, only resorting to keeping the original post in its form.

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