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Always on display will be a huge deal on the iPhone 13

Apple‘s next-gen flagship installments, the entire iPhone 13 lineup is set to debut five days from now. The tech giant announced the September 14 California streaming event on Tuesday. Speaking of which, the video invite of the event has quite a few clues on what to expect in the iPhone 13. One of them is the hotly anticipated always-on display (AOD) feature.

Yes, we know all of the Nokias and Androids have had this for years but better later than never.

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We have been longing for AOD on iPhones for years now and the time has finally come. At present, as soon as a notification arrives, the iPhone instantly wakes up lighting the screen for approximately six seconds. Now imagine, receiving hundreds of notifications each day and the amount of battery power that’s being at loss here. Not only that, we were always perplexed as to why Apple never adopted an LED notification light which would have made things a tad convenient.

We’re California Streaming on September 14th. See you real soon. ???? #AppleEvent

— Greg Joswiak (@gregjoz) September 7, 2021

Upon thoughtful inspection, the California streaming event invite video does throw some light into speculations. First and foremost, the glowing apple logo represents the infinite contrast of the OLED display when the time and other vital information is available on the AOD against the pitch-black background.

Secondly, the background in the video gradually transitioning to a darker shade with stars in the sky gives hopes for dynamic AOD wallpapers that are time-specific. Last but not the least, the glowing 9.14 event date towards the end of the video only further emphasizes the whole deal.

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Anyways, let’s all sit tight, wait and watch until next week where we will witness Apple’s next-generation flagship smartphone lineup. Thank you for reading!

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