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Apple brings changes to Safari and more in iOS 15 Public Beta 3

Apple on Friday released the iOS 15 Public Beta 3 to the public beta testers. The update brings with it new tweaks and fixes. The most significant tweak comes in the form of a new address bar for Safari along with some UI enhancements. Next up, the Reset iPhone menu has been revamped to make it easier to switch to a new iPhone and also reset your device intuitively and there’s also a bonus with it! (see below).

Moving on, the App Store gets a new splash screen which highlights new features of iOS 15 that are available in the App Store. In addition to the mentioned changes, there are a lot more that’s changed, fixed, and enhanced. To know more, click here to read Apple’s official iOS 15 Beta 3 release notes. Let’s go through three noticeable changes in iOS 15 Public Beta 3. To check for the new beta update, go to Settings > General > Software Update.

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The new address bar in Safari has been the most criticized element ever since iOS 15 was introduced. The floating address bar at the bottom of the page annoyed a lot of users over time. In Beta 3, the floating bar remains, however, Apple has tweaked it ever so slightly by attaching the same to the keyboard while say typing a web address or performing a search.

The refresh button is now available right in the address in addition to it being hidden behind the three-dot button. Speaking of which, a long-press on the address bar also brings up the reload option among others.

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New iPhone Reset menu and a bonus!

The Reset option in Settings > General has now been revamped. It now has been renamed to Transfer or Reset iPhone. Meaning, to reset your iPhone, you have to go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone from now on.  Here, you will be able to transfer your data from the existing iPhone to a brand new one right away. Remember the bonus we mentioned earlier? well, now Apple offers free unlimited iCloud storage when you transfer new data to your new iPhone.

The old iPhone data gets backed up to iCloud regardless of the size and the same can be downloaded to your new iPhone. However, keep in mind that the data transfer should be completed within 21 days before it gets deleted and your storage plan reverts to its original value. As part of generosity, Apple will allow you to request additional time to complete the data transfer process.

And yes, the Reset option is available at the bottom of the menu where you can reset all settings or just reset the network, keyboard, home screen, and location settings. The ability to reset and erase your iPhone is also available right here.

New App Store splash screen

Post the installation of the iOS 15 Public Beta 3, head over to the App Store. Now, you’ll be greeted with a new splash screen that highlights iOS 15-specific features that are available in the App Store such as in-app events within apps and games, Safari extensions, and a new App Store widget.

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