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Apple warns use of iPhone against high-powered motorcycles

In a statement issued on Saturday, Apple has warned its customers against using their iPhones when riding high-powered motorcycles. High amplitude vibrations from powerful motorbike engines potentially degrade the camera system. The OIS and closed-loop AF systems are prone to failure if exposed to high amplitude vibrations.

We feel, dirt bikes have engines that are really powerful, as a result, produce extreme vibrations that are transmitted through the chassis and handlebar may lessen the photo quality of the camera system onboard over time.

iphone-12-pro-max-sensor-shift-stabilization-1153971 iPhone 12 Pro Max features sensor-shift stabilization | Source: Apple

iPhones have had OIS since the iPhone 6 Plus (except the iPhone 6, 6S, and 2016 SE) through the iPhone 12 Pro Max which along with OIS features sensor-shift stabilization that moves the camera sensor (as opposed to only the lens) accordingly to compensate for an unstable shot.

The company advises avoiding exposure to powerful vibrations due to which the photo and video quality of the camera system are bound to be crippled. However, scooters and other two-wheelers equipped with less powerful engines are not of any concern although Apple recommends attaching a vibration dampening mount to be on the safe side.


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