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This rare iPhone 11 Pro with an off-center Apple logo was sold for $2700

In the rarest of the rare occurrences, we just got to see an iPhone 11 Pro that made it out of the factory with a misprint Apple logo. Yes, the logo at the back appears to be off-center with a slight tilt. The iPhone was apparently used by the customer and as of now, it was sold to another person for $2700. The pictures of the very same device come from Internal Archives (via Twitter). The Twitter handle shares all Apple prototype information along with images to support the findings.

Source: @ArchiveInternal Source: @ArchiveInternal Source: @ArchiveInternal

Also according to the source, this device miraculously cleared out of Apple’s usual super-strict QC and eventually reached a lucky customer. This has to be the second time we have come across such a case as recently we have seen an iPhone 6S with two ‘S’ monikers etched on the back panel.

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