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Remembering the Apple icon Steve Jobs on his 10th death anniversary

On this day, 10 years ago on October 5, 2011, the Co-Founder and former CEO of Apple Steve Jobs said goodbye to this world, a day after the iPhone 4S launch. The Apple icon’s loss saddened the entire technology industry in general. Jobs swept away the tech space with revolutionary products that took form thanks to his brilliant imagination and dedication. Speaking of which, the iPhone 4 and 4S were products that were close to whose Jobs’ heart and the industrial design of those still live and stay fresh to date.

Apple on their website has put up a short video commemorating the 10th death anniversary of Steve Jobs. The video goes through clips from Jobs’ various interviews and keynotes to showcase his visionary and creative thinking and abilities. Also, put up on the page is a statement from the Jobs family in memory of Steve Jobs. It starts with the words “For a decade now, mourning and healing have gone together. Our gratitude has become as great as our loss.”. The full version of the statement is below.

For a decade now, mourning and healing have gone together.
Our gratitude has become as great as our loss.

Each of us has found his or her own path to consolation, but we have come together in a beautiful place of love

for Steve, and for what he taught us.

For all of Steve’s gifts, it was his power as a teacher that has endured.He taught us to be open to the beauty of the world, to be curious aroundnew ideas, to see around the next corner, and most of all to stay

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humble in our own beginner’s mind.

There are many things we still see through his eyes, but he alsotaught to look for ourselves. He gave us equipment for living,

and it has served us well.

One of our greatest sources of consolation has been our associationof Steve with beauty. The sight of something beautiful — a wooded hillside,a well‑made object — recalls his spirit to us. Even in his years of suffering,

he never lost his faith in the beauty of existence.

Memory is inadequate for what is in our hearts: we miss him profoundly.
We were blessed to have him as husband and father.

steve-jobs-iphone-keynote-2007-2261847 iPhone launch in 2007. “Apple reinvents the phone” | Source: Apple

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and his friend Steve Wozniak as a garage startup on a mission to reinvent the computer industry with the Macintosh computer. As time progressed we got the iPod, iPhone, and Macbook laptops all of which toppled the entire consumer technology scenario.

Everybody knows about the great Mac and iPod line and where it all started but perhaps the most revolutionary product (at least for us) ever to come on the face of the earth was the iPhone. The iPhone from 2007 completely redefined the mobile technology era with a new form factor and user interaction standard.

steve-jobs-introduces-iphone-2681869 Steve Jobs on iPhone: “An iPod, a phone and an internet communicator.” | Source: Apple

You see, phones before the iPhone were the now-defunct mighty Nokias of the past with a fixed set of keys to work with. Everything was just limited to design from the factory. Enter the iPhone, and Jobs showed the world how user experience has to be dynamic and user-friendly at its core. At the iPhone keynote, Jobs pressed it as an iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator emphasizing how life-changing the device was going to be to mankind in general.

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The iPhone introduced capacitive multi-touch to the mass market with a then massive 3.5″ screen. Users and even one of the executives at Apple’s were blown away by the kinetic scrolling we take for granted these days. The iPhone also equally paved the way for the software, apps, and user interface we come across various mobile devices. Also equally important to the world was the birth of the iPad that disrupted the netbook industry bringing a large touch-enabled slate for on-the-go purposes.

The iPhone featured a larger than life multi-touch display at the time | Source: Apple Jobs introduces the iPad | Source: Apple The revolutionary new slate called iPad in 2010 | Source: Apple

Apple’s former Chief Design Officer Jony Ive in remembrance of Steve Jobs penned wholeheartedly on WSJ. Magazine on what he misses most about Jobs. “I loved how he saw the world. The way he thought was profoundly beautiful.” We recommend you read the touchy and heartfelt eulogy by Ive.

Steve Jobs and Jony Ive in a conversation in 2005 | Source: Art Streiber

Tesla’s Elon Musk wished he if he could have talked to Steve Jobs. In a response to a tweet pointing to an article about a decade after Steve Jobs’ death Musk wrote “I wish I had had the opportunity to talk to him.”

Wrapping up, the demise of Jobs back in 2011 left us in pieces. His contributions to the mobile technology industry helped shaped what we have at present today. Let us put it this way casually and we mean it word by word: “If there was no Apple, there wouldn’t have been an iPhone, and if not for an iPhone then never ever an Android”. Previous ArticleWhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are all down now Next Article Apple Pay is now available in Bahrain

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