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Why you may still want to look into Apple’s free iPhone X Display Module Replacement Program

The iPhone X was that device in the entire smartphone industry that paved way for technological advancements. it was Apple‘s perfect entry and a massive one for that into the edge-to-edge bezel-less screen world. That said, those of you rocking an iPhone X with a faulty display may still want to look into Apple’s free iPhone X Display Module Replacement Program.

However, before you get excited, there are a few conditions for a device to be eligible in the program to fix iPhone X touch issues.

On the same note, Apple also has an ongoing touch repair program for iPhone 11 and an earpiece repair program for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro units only.

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Is your iPhone X still eligible for the Display Replacement Program?

  • Apple will examine your iPhone X before proceeding with the replacement program.
  • The program covers iPhone X with a display that doesn’t respond partially or completely to any touch input.
  • Users facing Ghost touch issues or the display reacting without the user touching it at all.
  • The iPhone X display replacement program covers iPhone X units for 3 years since the first retail sale. Simply speaking, if you had bought a brand new iPhone X in December 2018 or later, your device is still eligible for a free display replacement.
  • Make sure your device is damage-free. As in, check for a cracked screen or back glass panel. The free iPhone X display replacement will only continue after Apple resolves the issues and you may be charged for the fix.

Getting ready

If your iPhone X is still eligible for a free display replacement, take the chance and act right now.

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